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Incredible piercings

Get a gorgeous piercing to enhance your look from A.C.T Piercing & Tattoo. When you get a piercing from us, your jewelry is included in the price.

Call us today for pricing, and visit us when you want to get a great new piercing.


  • Eyebrow

  • Lip

  • Cartilage

  • Oral piercing — tongue

  • Nipple

  • Naval

A wide range of piercings available

  • All ear piercings

  • Nose

  • Septum

  • Microdermals

  • Monroe

  • Philtrum

High-quality customer service

You'll always get great customer service from our friendly professionals. You can rely on us to educate you on aftercare and how to clean your piercings. You'll even get a demonstration through which we show you how it's done.

Depend on a recommended piercer

"Got my septum pierced by Josean and I love it! I was really nervous, but the girl at the counter talked with me when I first walked in and changed the entire experience! It was amazing, and they are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place."

Lindsay M., Yelp


"Went in for a nipple piercing as just a walk-in. Girl in front was nice and helpful. The owner is the piercer. He really knew what he was doing and made you feel comfortable. Felt lightheaded after and needed to lay down for some time and was not rushed at all. I recommend them for any kind of piercing you may need."

Dino S., Yelp


"I went here for my first body piercing, a set of nipple piercings. I went originally because I thought it to be the most reasonably priced shop ($50 for both, where some were charging $50 for one without jewelry) but I came away with such a good experience! The shop was clean and neat, friendly staff, and a welcoming atmosphere. The piercer was so professional and really knew what he was doing. The piercing was quick and had minimal pain. Afterward, I got pretty dizzy, and he got me water and helped me lay down and had candy to raise blood sugar levels. I will definitely be coming here again!"

Emma T., Yelp

Download our helpful aftercare information

Safe piercing services

At our shop, your safety comes first. All needles come prepackaged and sterilized, and we use the highest quality medical-grade surgical steel. You can also get implant-grade titanium if you have sensitivity issues with other metals.

Get pierced by a professional

Trust a piercer with over 18 years of experience.